"The classroom should be a place of curious inquiry where students learn through research, collaboration, questioning, and experience. Where wonder and exploration underlie and guide instruction..."

“Do not indoctrinate your children. Teach them how to think for themselves, how to evaluate evidence, and how to disagree with you.” ― Richard Dawkins

Qudos (pronounced as kudos) celebrates the pedagogy of curiosity as the 'engagement engine' for purposeful Inquiry learning. Creative and critical thinking flows from a curious mind. Qudos provides an online 'template' that guides students towards developing a process for meaningful life learning skills for any area of knowledge or human endeavor. Qudos references SOLO Taxonomy for progression in student thinking skills. Learn more.. 

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Wookii Wonder World

Curiosity driven discovery. You ask the questions. You find and share the answers.

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Q World

Diver deeper and down into an Inquiry topic. Strive to 'think' your way down to the treasure.

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Detectives Bureau

Start with a BIG question and apply critical thinking. What's your hypothesis?

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Collaborate and seek solutions to a specific problem or challenge.

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Curiosity is at the centre of all our learning.

Let's celebrate it.




Socrates (left). He was born in ancient Athens (470BC) and became a famous philosopher (thinker). He believed in asking lots of questions to find truth and meaning. He was arrested for stirring up the minds of young Athenians. Rather than surrendering his principles to chose to poison himself. Qudos.net.au is a tribute to his contribution to human thought.

The Thinker (right). Hunched over, with his chin resting on one hand, 'The Thinker' by Auguste Rodin has come to symbolise deep thought, and pondering.


curious classroom

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A curious classroom. By Ondi Tricaso. Source = YouTube.