ideaicon4deliver1It's action time! Your solution has been planned. The deadline has arrived. It's SHOW time. How will your team:

  • Demonstrate your solution. Others need to become excited by your solution. How will other peoples thinking be shaped or influenced.
  • Your aim is to inspire others to join your solution strategy.
  • Decide on the best presentation approach and technologies your team can use.
  • Plan the presentation.
  • Rehearsal. Practice makes perfect.
  • Audience or participant feedback. Invite your class to ask questions and become involved.



One more final meeting before you present or deliver your BIG IDEA Action Plan solution.

  1. Is every team member clear about their role in the Action plan delivery.
  2. Have rehearsals revealed any issues that need to be addressed?
  3. Is there a "wow" factor in the delivery of the BIG Idea?


Mistakes. Most people see mistakes as some form of failure. NOT TRUE.

Failure happens when you fail to learn from mistakes. A repeated mistake is the key ingredient for failure.

Mistakes are opportunities to learn and improve.

  • During rehearsals, were any mistakes made?
  • How can they be remedied?

Watch the video (right) to learn Sylvester Stallone's 10 Tips to Success

Source = YouTube By Evan Carmichael 

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The goal is to inspire others to become excited by the BIG IDEA and become part of your solution/strategy.

  • State clearly both the (scenario) problem and your conclusion (solution – strategy).
  • Summarize the process you used, options considered, and difficulties encountered.
  • Convince, not overpower, persuasion is a gentle art.
  • Help others learn, as you have learned.
  • If challenged and you have an answer, present it clearly and you don’t have an answer, acknowledge it and refer it for more consideration.
  • Sharing your findings with teachers and students is an opportunity in demonstrating that you have learned. If you know your subject well, this will be evident.
  • If a challenge arises that you cannot respond to, accept it as an opportunity to be explored. However, take pride in your attention to quality when you present.
  • Have answers for all the key questions your audience may have.