capalienImagine for a moment, that an Alien were to ask the following question of you. Why do humans send their young ones to buildings called 'schools'. The obvious answer is; "to learn"! Surely, learning involves 'thinking' as the prime ingredient! Interestingly, the answer to the Aliens question, would rarely be "to think"!

Allow the Alien one more provocative question. If teachers were prevented from asking questions, what would 'learning' and 'thinking' look like in our classrooms?

The answers would be diverse, but one thing for sure; the students would be asking the questions! Their natural curiosity would 'fuel' their inquiry and engagement.

Qudos aims to celeberate student curiosity via student driven questioning. Our website offers teachers a 'thinking' framework referenced by SOLO Taxonomy. The various programs functions as an overly template that can be used for any Inquiry topic.

  • Student driven questioning for any Inquiry topic.
  • Encourages authentic learning outcomes.
  • Encourages curiosity and self paced independent learning.
  • Each program can be delivered specific to a class or, tailored as differentiation for each student.


  • Feedback via conferencing and reflections.
  • Creativity and solution fluency is encouraged.
  • References SOLO Taxonomy for tracking student thinking progression.
  • Video learning support
  • Blended I.C.T. opportunities
  • Home Learning Template.
  • Excursion / Incursion Template
  • Can be accessed 24/7 anywhere, anytime.
  • Responsive to all devices (PC, Apple, iPad, Smart phones).
  • Easily integrated with digital portfolios. We recommend


Wookii Wonder World


Join our cute Wookiis as they show you how to ASK - FIND - SHARE your answers to curious discoveries.

Q-World Divers

Dive in search of treasure. Progress 'deeper and deeper" with your thinking until you discover new possibilities.

Detectives Bureau 

What is your theory in response to a BIG question. Build an evidence wall. Strive to become a Secret Agent.


Collaboratively seek to solve issues, problems and situations using the 6 D's of Solution Fluency.


multianyQudos can be accessed by any device and is cross browser friendly.

Student can use your schools regular digital infrastructure.

For optimum engagement we recommended  using with an online ePortfolio platform.