SOLO (Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes) Taxonomy. Essentially SOLO is a clear way of tracking student understanding and pathway to deep learning. Learn more.

The SOLO structure has five levels and moves from no knowledge (pre-structural), through surface learning (uni-structural and multi-structural) to deep learning (relational and extended abstract). Armed with a basic understanding of SOLO you can begin to look at students’ responses in your classroom differently – do they have the basic knowledge and facts required (surface learning) upon which to look at them in relation to each other and recognise the inter connectedness of the facts/issues before beginning to recognise key concepts within the area of study (deep learning). Using SOLO in the classroom can help students to move from surface to deep learning and Q-World is designed to progressively move students through the levels.

Happy-TeacherThere are some fantastic resources and explanations of SOLO Taxonomy at the following website. Click here.

Included at the bottom of this page is a publication about SOLO in practice, Effect sizes by John Hattie and differentiation.

Video source = SOLO taxonomy explained using Lego by Emily Hughes