Welcome to Wookii Wonder World (Grade 1-3)

Wookii's are very curious cute characters that have had their 'eye' on Earth for a very long long time.

Their leader (Omnii Wookii) has decided to send a discovery team to planet Earth. The Wookii team has experts that can think and understand new knowledge. Wookiis are curious and creative. They also love to ask questions. 

Enjoy the video animation (right) then, read below to see what each Wookii can do to help you be more curious about Inquiry topic. 

Happy-TeacherTeachers. Before proceeding please ensure you have explored the Getting started with Wookii Wonder World Resource


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                                 Wookii Profile

                Inquiry Skills

SOLO Level

Wondii Wookii

Loves to imagine what the world might be. Wondii often day dreams and lets her mind wander. Curiosity takes her to different situations and places. 

WondiiWookii has a real passion for asking 'when' and 'where' questions.

In Wondii's Wonder Workout Activity Challenge you will ask a 'when' and 'where' question, find the answer and share it by writing the answer down.

Curiositii Wookii

Is an explorer. He is keen to 'dig' for more information so he can get a clearer understanding about the topic.

Curiositii Wookii has a real passion for asking 'where' and 'who' questions.

In Curiositii's Wonder Workout Activity Challenge you will ask a 'what' and 'who' question, find the answer and share it by telling your teacher.

Wordii Wookii

Let's go looking for new words that are used for our topic. Now, I need your help to explain what those new words mean and how they help us better understand our Inquiry topic.

Wordii Wookii has a real obsession for finding the meaning of new words that he finds when researching an Inquiry topic. 

In Wordii Wonder Workout Activity Challenge you will find new words during research and create a word find to share with the class.

Connectii Wookii 

Is a visual learner. Pictures, maps, charts and diagrams are her favorite ways to understand new knowledge. Creating flow charts that explain the world in a visual way for others to 'see' how the world works is Connectii's passion.

Connectii Wookii She needs diagrams and charts to make sense of knowledge. She sees the world as a huge puzzle that can be explained by drawing flow charts.

Connectii Wookii also has a  passion for asking 'how' questions.

In Connectii's Wonder Workout Activity Challenge you will ask a 'how' question, find the answer and share it by designing a flowchart that links knowledge.

Predictii Wookii

Whats 'next'? and 'so what' are Predictii's BIG thing. Once we have knowledge and understanding, Predictti wants us to make it useful for our future. It starts by asking 'why'? then by searching for new ideas, solutions, predictions and outcomes, Predictii is only satisfied if his curiosity results in improving the world in some way.

Predictii Wookii has a a real passion for asking 'why' questions. He wants us to keep thinking harder and asking more questions until we can use our knowledge for a positive value in our lives.

In Predictii's Wonder Workout Activity Challenge you will ask a 'why' question, find the answer and share it by creating a Wookii Poster or a little movie.

Omnii Wookii

Omnii is the team leader. He has guided the Wookii team to planet Earth to inquire and discover any aspect of our World. 

Questii Owl

In Wookii Wonder World, owls are the keepers of questions. They assist each Wookii in explaining the meanings of the six key question words. When - Where - What - Who - How - Why.

Teachii Wookii

She really wants to show how your curiosity is improving your knowledge and thinking using SOLO as a way of describing your progress. Learn more.